Organizational Coordination & Cooperation to Better Serve the Community

The Lincoln-Woodstock Community Resource Center is the mobilization network acting as the hub of service and caring activity in the Lincoln-Woodstock community. As the forests that provide the beautiful environment of our community are a single intertwined network, so too are we, and we stand for providing that support to keep our community strong and thriving.

To accomplish this mission, we partner with like minded organizations and individuals throughout the community, pooling our resources into a unified relief effort and ensuring that we are appropriately and fully meeting all needs without duplicating efforts.

Our partners include:

  • The Bridge Project
  • Loon Mountain Ministries
  • Loon Mountain Area Community Fund
  • Lincoln-Woodstock Food Pantry
  • Linwood Senior Citizens Advisory Council
  • Lincoln-Woodstock Rotary
  • Lincoln & Woodstock Welfare, Police & Fire Departments
  • Linwood Ambulance
  • SAU 68
  • Area Churches
  • Banks
  • Dedicated Businesses
  • and community-at-large.

The ultimate goal of the LWCRC is to identify, qualify, and serve families and individuals by making sure we are serving those truly in need, and protecting any family or individual against not being adequately served. Please contact the LWCRC or any of the community resources identified on the facing page if you or anyone you know needs assistance.

Also, please contact the LWCRC if you would like to sign up to be on our list of volunteers ready to deliver community assistance.